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The protection of your personal data during the planning, processing and utilising in regards to your visit to our website is very important to us. Your data will be protected based on the framework of the legal requirements. Hereafter, you will be able to access information in regards to the data, which is collected during your visit to the website, and how it is then utilised:

1. Registration and processing of data

Each access to our website and each call-up of files saved on the website are being protocolled. The storage supports internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following is registered: name of the called-up file, date and time of the call-up, transferred data volume, notification in regards to the successful call-up, web-browser and requesting domain. Additionally, the IP addresses of the requesting machine are being protocolled.

Further personal data is only registered, if these statements are provided on a voluntary basis, for example by means of sending a request via our contact form.

2. Utilisation and forwarding of personal data

Should you have made personal data available to us, we will only utilise it to answer your questions, in order to finalise contracts with you or for technical administration purposes.

Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties or transferred in any other way, if this is done for the purpose of fulfilling the contract – especially in regards to the forwarding of order data to suppliers – or if it is necessary for accounting purposes, or if you agreed to this in advance. You have the right to withdraw any authorisations issued at any time and with an effect in the future.

The deletion of the saved personal data shall take place, if you revoke your consent in regards to the storage and when it is no longer required in order to fulfil the purpose of the contract, or if storage is invalid for other legal reasons.

3. Right to disclosure

We are happy to disclose the data saved in you upon receiving a written request.

Safety notice: We strive to store your personal data by means of auctioning all technical and organisational possibilities, so that they cannot be accessed by third parties. When communicating via email, we are unable to ensure the complete safety of the data during transport, we therefore recommend sending confidential information by mail.

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