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K&T Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH

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In the mid-70s, Mister Kurt Ujma founded a start-up company with a focus on “plastic processing – plastic injection moulding.”

In February 1987, Mister Ujma gained extra support by employing Mister Karsten Siebrecht-Borchert, who was responsible for production and storage for four years.

On 15th October 1991, Mister Ujma sold the company to Mister Siebrecht-Borchert as part of his retirement plan, and since then, Mister Siebrecht-Borchert has managed the company together with his wife as an employee.

In 1996, the company’s head office was moved into an own production building in Strodthagen (“Zum Papenkamp”).

In 1999, additional production halls and office building were acquired on the neighbouring property, which were ready for operations in 2000 after undertaking a number of renovation works.

On 2nd January 2008, the company “Siebrecht-Borchert – plastic processing” was renamed into “K&T Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH.”

»In the end, maximum levels of quality, close partnerships with our clients, a high level of engagement, quality and flexibility created a basis for success and sustainable growth.«

Karsten Siebrecht-Borchert


management, technical director, distribution, QS

+49 (0) 55 61 / 80 47  |  +49 (0)175 – 59 91 228

Petra Siebrecht-Borchert


human resources, accounting, purchasing, logistics, QS

+49 (0) 55 61 / 80 47  |  +49 (0)171 – 69 83 452

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